Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Novembers Doom - Into Night's Requiem Infernal (2009)

1.Into Night's Requiem Infernal

2.Eulogy for the Living Lost

3.Empathy's Greed

4.The Fifth Day of March

5.Lazarus Regret

6.I Hurt Those I Adore

7.The Harlots Lie

8.When Desperation Fills the Void


Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition (2009)


2.Driven to Destruction

3.Egoist Hedonist

4.Left Out

5.Hybrid Times

Total playing time44:44

Voivod - Infini (2009)

1.God Phones

2.From The Cave


4.Global Warning

5.A Room With A V.U.

6.Destroy After Reading

7.Treasure Chase

8.Krap Radio

9.In Orbit





Total playing time57:57


Eluveitie - Evocation I - The Arcane Dominion (2009)

1.Sacrapos - At First Glance02:01
3.A Girl's Oath01:17
4.The Arcane Dominion05:42
5.Within the Grove01:52
6.The Cauldron of Renascence02:03
9.Carnutian Forest03:16
10.Dessumiis Luge03:29
12.Voveso in Mori04:09
14.Ne Regv Na05:07
15.Sacrapos - The Disparaging Last Gaze02:42
Total playing time47:24

Blood Red Throne - Souls Of Damnation (2009)

1.The Light, The Hate04:19
3.Your Cold Flesh03:37
4.Human Fraud04:17
6.Throne Of Damnation03:35
7.Prove Yourself Dead04:36
8.Not Turgenjev, But Close03:32
9.Ten Steps Of Purgatory06:41
Total playing time38:44


Whiplash (US) - Unborn Again (2009)

1.Swallow The Slaughter05:28
4.Float Face Down04:49
5.Fight or Flight04:01
6.Pitbulls in the Playground03:50
7.Parade of Two Legs (instrumental)03:42
8.Hook In Mouth04:46
9.I've Got The Fire (Montrose cover)02:46
10.Feeding Frenzy04:36
Total playing time43:01


Om - God is Good (2009)

1. Thebes
2. Meditation is the Practice of Death
3. Cremation Ghat I
4. Cremation Ghat II


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Asteroid - Asteroid (2007)

The Great Unknown
Speaking to the Sea
Panoramic Telescope
The Infinite Secrets of Planet Megladoon
Silver Leaf
Little Fly
Strange Trip
Flowers and Stones
The 13th Witching Hour
Doctor Smoke

PASS: robixxx

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - Grand Opening And Closing (2006)

Grand Opening and Closing cover
  1. "Sleep Is Wrong" – 6:35
  2. "Ambugaton" – 5:38
  3. "Ablutions" – 6:05
  4. "1997 (Tonight We're Gonna Party Like It's...)" – 4:48
  5. "The Miniature" – 0:59
  6. "Powerless" – 9:30
  7. "The Stain" – 6:46
  8. "Sleepytime (Spirit Is a Bone)" – 10:16
  9. "Sunflower" – 7:52

Minsk - Out Of A Center Which Is Neither Dead Nor Alive (2005)

1.Waging War on the Forevers11:12[view lyrics]
2.Narcotics and Dissecting Knives10:59[view lyrics]
3.Holy Flower of the North Star14:19[view lyrics]
4.Three Hours10:42[view lyrics]
5.Bloodletting and Forgetting08:27[view lyrics]
6.Wisp of Tow09:28[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:05:07


Kreator - Enemy of God (2005)

1.Enemy of God05:43[view lyrics]
2.Impossible Brutality04:31[view lyrics]
3.Suicide Terrorist03:29[view lyrics]
4.World Anarchy03:55[view lyrics]
5.Dystopia03:41[view lyrics]
6.Voices of the Dead04:33[view lyrics]
7.Murder Fantasies04:50[view lyrics]
8.When Death Takes Its Dominion05:39[view lyrics]
9.One Evil Comes (A Million Follow)03:20[view lyrics]
10.Dying Race Apocalypse04:41[view lyrics]
11.Under a Total Blackened Sky04:28[view lyrics]
12.The Ancient Plague06:58[view lyrics]
Total playing time55:48


Kreator - Hordes of Chaos (2009)

1.Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)05:04[view lyrics]
2.Warcurse04:10[view lyrics]
3.Escalation03:24[view lyrics]
4.Amok Run04:12[view lyrics]
5.Destroy What Destroys You03:13[view lyrics]
6.Radical Resistance03:43[view lyrics]
7.Absolute Misanthropy03:37[view lyrics]
8.To the Afterborn04:53[view lyrics]
9.Corpses of Liberty00:55
10.Demon Prince05:16[view lyrics]
Total playing time38:27


Keelhaul - II (2000)

Keelhaul II cover (Click to see larger picture)


2.Some Day Some Other Place04:17
3.New Void00:38
7.Lackadaisical Chinese Tubesocks03:54
Total playing time34:09

Bloodbath - Unblessing the Purity (2008)

1.Blasting the Virginborn03:32[view lyrics]
2.Weak Aside04:14[view lyrics]
3.Sick Salvation03:21[view lyrics]
4.Mouth of Empty Praise04:31[view lyrics]
Total playing time15:38


Bloodbath - The Fathomless Mastery (2008)

1.At the Behest of Their Death03:41[view lyrics]
2.Process of Disillumination03:09[view lyrics]
3.Slaughtering the Will to Live03:37[view lyrics]
4.Mock the Cross04:02[view lyrics]
5.Treasonous04:13[view lyrics]
6.Iesous03:34[view lyrics]
7.Drink From the Cup of Heresy03:37[view lyrics]
8.Devouring the Feeble03:11[view lyrics]
9.Earthrot03:20[view lyrics]
10.Hades Rising05:05[view lyrics]
11.Wretched Human Mirror04:12[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:42


Lesbian - Power Hor (2007)

1.Black Forest Hamm08:37
Total playing time01:02:17


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction (2008)

1.Mental Acupuncture04:08[view lyrics]
2.Blessed In The Arms Of Servitude02:15[view lyrics]
3.In The Same Breath03:59[view lyrics]
4.Antioxidant04:10[view lyrics]
5.Lovesick04:01[view lyrics]
6.Rock Paper Scissors03:13[view lyrics]
7.Superstition Aimed At One's Skull04:00[view lyrics]
8.For Lack Of Perfect Words03:45[view lyrics]
9.When All Roads Lead To Rome03:39[view lyrics]
10.All This Good Intention Wasted In The Wake Of Apathy04:32[view lyrics]
11.A Pale Horse And The Story Of The End03:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:25



Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Farmakon - A Warm Glimpse (2003)

1. Loosely of Amoebas
2. My Sanctuary in Solitude
3. Mist
4. Stretching into Me
5. Same
6. Flowgrasp
7. Flavoured Numerology
8. Pearl of my Suffering
9. Wallgarden.

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Ripping Corpse - Dreaming with the Dead (1991)

Dreaming with the Dead cover (Click to see larger picture)

2.Dreaming with the Dead01:45
3.Anti God03:08
4.Glorious Depravity01:59
5.Beyond Humanity04:18
6.Feeling Pleasure through Pain03:34
7.Through the Skin to the Soul02:26
8.Rift of Hate03:58
9.Deeper Demons01:51
10.Sickness of Will02:16
11.Chugging Pus02:24
12.Seduction of the Innocent03:38
Total playing time34:12
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Massacra - Enjoy the Violence (1991)

Enjoy the Violence cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Enjoy the Violence03:40
2.Ultimate Antichrist03:41
3.Gods of Hate02:56
4.Atrocious Crimes04:01
5.Revealing Cruelty03:31
6.Full of Hatred05:01
7.Seas of Blood02:06
8.Near Death Experience04:15
9.Sublime Extermination02:51
10.Agonizing World03:52
Total playing time35:54
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Forbidden - Green (1997)

1.What Is the Last Time?02:34[view lyrics]
2.Green03:17[view lyrics]
3.Phat03:32[view lyrics]
4.Turns to Rage05:48[view lyrics]
5.Face Down Heroes03:44[view lyrics]
6.Over the Middle03:19[view lyrics]
7.Kanaworms03:23[view lyrics]
8.Noncent$03:54[view lyrics]
9.Blank05:54[view lyrics]
10.Focus05:29[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:06:01



Black Label Society

1994 - Pride & Glory
1996 - Book Of Shadows
1999 - Sonic Brew
2000 - Stronger Than Death
2001 - 1919 Eternal
2001 - Alcohol Fueled Brewtality
2003 - The Blessed Hellride
2004 - Hangover Music Vol. VI
2005 - Mafia
2006 - Shot To Hell

Pass : garca

Mindflowers - Nuances (2005)

1.Intro - They’re Coming!01:01
4.The Merovingian07:30
5.Ego Jam01:59
7.Sordino (bass solo)02:41
9.Igor the Dog06:08
11.Britney’s Pears09:28
12.The Last Christmas05:26
Total playing time01:08:50


Fleetwood Mac

1968 - Fleetwood Mac
1968 - Mr. Wonderful
1969 - Then Play On
1970 - Kiln House
1971 - Future Games
1972 - Bare Trees
1973 - Penguin
1973 - Mystery to Me
1974 - Heroes Are Hard to Find
1975 - Fleetwood Mac
1977 - Rumours
1979 - Tusk
1982 - Mirage
1987 - Tango in the Night
1989 - Oh Well Live Part1 / Part2
1990 - Behind the Mask
1992 - 25 Years, The Chain 4 CDs Part1 / Part2
1995 - Time
1997 - Dance (live)
1999 - Shrine ‘69 (live)
2003 - Say You Will

Monday, March 9, 2009

Trollfest - Villanden (2009)

Villanden cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Wo bin ich jetz Aufgewacht?02:02
2.Der JegerMeister04:22
3.Uraltes Elemente03:13
5.Per, Pål og Brakebeins Abenteuer00:57
6.Der Uhr ist Skandaløst Schändlich03:21
7.God Fart01:55
9.En Ny Erfaring02:26
11.Die Kirche undt der Mache07:26
Total playing time37:16

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saint Vitus - Mournful Cries (1988)

Mournful Cries cover (Click to see larger picture)

1. The Creeps 02:48
2. Dragon Time 07:28
3. Shooting Gallery 06:45
4. Bitter Truth 04:15
5. The Troll 06:57
6. Looking Glass 04:51
Total playing time 33:04

Dream Theater - Master of Puppets [Official Bootleg] (2004)


1. Battery (5:15)
2. Master Of Puppets (8:45)
3. The Thing That Should Not Be (7:04)
4. Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (6:43)
5. Disposable Heroes (8:11)
6. Leper Messiah (5:58)
7. Orion (9:20)
8. Damage, Inc. (6:45)

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Anubis Gate - Andromeda Unchained (2007)

01 - Freak Storm At Post Zeta...One Child Missing...
02 - Snowbound
03 - Waking Hour
04 - Andromeda Unchained
05 - Banished from Sector Q
06 - Beyond Redemption
07 - Resurrection Time
08 - Escape Pod
09 - This White Storm Through My Mind
10 - The Final Overture
11 - Take Me Home
12 - Point of No Concern
13 - The End of Millenium Road
14 - The Stars of Canis Minor
15 - Untitled

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Defiance - Void Terra Firma (1990)

- Void Terra Firma
- Deception Of Faith
- Questions
- Skitz-Illusions
- Slayground
- Killers
- Steamroller
- Checkmate
- Buried Or Burned
- Last Resort (Welcome To Poverty)

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Steel Raiser III - Race Of Steel (2008)

01. Ride the Fire 03:42
02. Race of Steel 03:53
03. Dragon Battalion 04:12
04. Rising into the Night 02:52
05. Princess of Babylon 04:39
06. Roar of Revenge 04:25
07. Gloria Perpetua 03:37
08. The Night 05:49
09. Gears of War 03:12
10. Evil's Rage 03:27

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Pass: HadesMetalTrooper

Gama Bomb - Citizen Brain (2008)

1. Zombie Blood Nightmare
2. Evil Voices
3. Final Flight
4. Time Crime
5. Global Warming
6. Ocp
7. Hammer Slammer
8. Sentenced To Thrash
9. Zombie Attack
10. Hell Trucker
11. Return Of The Technodrome
12. Thrashaholic
13. In The Court Of General Zod
14. Space Invaders
15. Bullet Belt
Bit Rate: 320

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Slayer - The Noblest Blood [B-Sides & Rarites] (2008)

Genre: Thrash Metal
Country: USA
Year: 2008
1. Aggressive Perfector (Reign In Blood bonus track) (2:30)
2. Criminally Insane [Remix] (Reign In Blood bonus track) (3:17)
3. In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [Iron Butterfly] (Less Then Zero OST) (3:16)
4. Seasons In The Abyss [Alternative Mix] (6:37)
5. Disorder w/Ice-T [Exploited] (Judgement Night OST) (4:56)
6. Witching Hour w/Rob Flynn [Live] (2:59)
7. Sick Boy [G.B.H.] (Undisputed Attitude japanese version) (2:14)
8. Memories Of Tomorrow [Suicidal Tendencies] (Undisputed Attitude japanese bonus track) (0:53)
9. No Remorse (I Wanna Die) w/Atari Teenage Riot (Spawn OST) (4:16)
10. Human Disease (Bride of Chucky OST) (4:20)
11. Unguarded Instinct (Diabolus In Musica japanese version) (3:44)
12. Wicked (Diabolus In Musica japanese version) (6:03)
13. Hand of Doom [Black Sabbath] (Nativity in Black II Tribute to Black Sabbath) (5:15)
14. Addict (God Hates Us All japanese version) (3:41)
15. Scarstruck (God Hates Us All japanese version) (3:31)
16. Born To Be Wild [Steppenwolf] (NASCAR on Fox: Crank It Up) (3:04)
17. Cult [Radio Version] (4:40)
18. Jihad [Radio Version] (3:32)
19. Black Serenade [Alternate Version] (Christ Illusion japanese version) (2:58)
20. Final Six (Christ Illusion japanese version) (4:10)
21. Psychopathy Red (new song) (2:27)

Download (mediafire) 2 parts

Cockroach - Temple of Mystery (2003)

Temple of Mystery cover (Click to see larger picture)

1.Witch Trial05:18
2.Phantom of the Dawn05:17
3.Total Gym06:08
4.Temple of Mystery06:32
6.Inner Fire05:22
7.Fallen Angel04:52
10.Suck me Beautiful05:24
11.Personal War06:08
Total playing time01:05:54

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Friday, March 6, 2009

Benighted - Icon (2007)

1.Complete Exsanguination00:26[view lyrics]
2.Slut03:00[view lyrics]
3.Grind Wit03:39[view lyrics]
4.Saw It All03:54[view lyrics]
5.Forsaken03:30[view lyrics]
6.Smile Then Bleed03:38[view lyrics]
7.Pledge of Retaliation03:03[view lyrics]
8.Icon04:18[view lyrics]
9.Human Circles03:49[view lyrics]
10.Invoxhate03:28[view lyrics]
11.The Underneath03:01[view lyrics]
12.Blindfolded Centuries03:21[view lyrics]
Total playing time39:07

President Evil - Hell In A Box (2008)

01. Viva La Muerta
02. Jesus Factor Negative
03. Hell In A Box
04. White Fire
05. King Asshole
06. The Anti Loser
07. Bring Out Your Dead
08. The Return Of The Speed Cowboys
09. Godforsaken
10. One Brain Army
11. New Junk City

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Birds Of Prey - Sulfur And Semen (2008)


1. Get It Off
2. Fiery Father
3. Deadweight
4. The Cage
5. The Furnace
6. Live The Storm
7. Testament
8. In Exodus
9. Maps of War
10. Phantom

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Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God (2008)

01. Twilight of the thunder god
02. Free will sacrifice
03.Guardians of Asgaard
04. Where is your god?
05. Varyags of Miklagaard
06. Tattered banners and bloody flags
07. No fear for the setting sun
08. The hero
09. Live for the Kill
10. Embrace of the endless ocean

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Amon Amarth - With Oden on our Side (2006)

01. Valhall Awaits Me
02. Runes To My Memory
03. Asator
04. Hermods Ride To Hell
05. Gods Of War Arise
06. With Oden On Our Side
07. Cry Of The Black Birds
08. Under The Northern Star
09. Prediction Of Warfare

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Amon Amarth - Fate of Norns (2004)

1. An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
2. Where Death Seems to Dwell
3. The Fate of Norns
4. The Pursuit of Vikings
5. Valkyries Ride
6. The Beheading of a King
7. Arson
8. Once Sealed in Blood

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Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment 2 (1999)

01. Acid Rain
02. Biaxident
03. 914
04. Another Dimension
05. When the Water Breaks
06. Chewbacca
07. Liquid Dreams
08. Hourglass

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Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment (1998)

01. Paradigm Shift
02. Osmosis
03. Kindred Spirits
04. The Stretch
05. Freedom Of Speech
06. Chris And Kevin's Excellent Adventure
07. State Of Grace
08. Universal Mind
09. Three Minute Warning Pt. I
10. Three Minute Warning Pt. II
11. Three Minute Warning Pt. III
12. Three Minute Warning Pt. IV
13. Three Minute Warning Pt. V
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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine (2005)

01. Raze
02. Deathamphetamine
03. Karma’s Messenger
04. Shudder To Think
05. I Am Abomination
06. Altered Boy
07. Going Going Gone
08. Now Thy Death Day Come
09. 44 Magnum Opus
10. Shovel Headed Kill Machine


Opeth - Ghost Reveries (2005)

01. Ghost of Perdition
02. The Baying of the Hounds
03. Beneath the Mire
04. Atonement
05. Reverie / Harlequin Forest
06. Hours of Wealth
07. The Grand Conjuration
08. Isolation Years


Dream Theater - Train of Thought (2003)

01. As I Am
02. This Dying Soul
03. Endless Sacrifice
04. Honor Thy Father
05. Vacant
06. Stream Of Consciousness
07. In The Name Of God


Sabbat (UK) - Dreamweaver (Reflections of our Yesterdays) - (1989)

1.The Beginning of the End00:36[view lyrics]
2.The Clerical Conspiracy05:38[view lyrics]
3.Advent of Insanity02:28[view lyrics]
4.Do Dark Horses Dream of Nightmares?06:24[view lyrics]
5.The Best of Enemies08:14[view lyrics]
6.How Have the Mighty Fallen?08:17[view lyrics]
7.Wildfire04:39[view lyrics]
8.Mythistory06:48[view lyrics]
9.Happy Never After01:02
Total playing time44:06


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lich King – Toxic Zombie Onslaught (2008)

1.Cheesy Metal Intro01:29
2.Attack of the Wrath of the War of the Death of the Strike of the Sword of the Blood of the Beast03:52[view lyrics]
3.Toxic Zombie Onslaught04:52[view lyrics]
4.Black Metal Sucks02:42[view lyrics]
5.Thrash Resurgence03:23[view lyrics]
6.I Destroy03:23
8.Cold Steel Machine04:56
9.Office Politics05:26[view lyrics]
10.Lich King 205:15
Total playing time41:04


Ballistic – Ballistic (2003)

1.Collision Course03:36[view lyrics]
2.Watch Me Do It04:47[view lyrics]
3.Corpse Stacked High03:17[view lyrics]
4.Threshold of Pain04:13[view lyrics]
5.Undefeated06:03[view lyrics]
6.The Dissection / Into the Sever Chamber04:17[view lyrics]
7.Gone Ballistic04:41[view lyrics]
8.Bloodbath!04:56[view lyrics]
9.Call to Armageddon03:51[view lyrics]
10.Silent Killer04:03[view lyrics]
11.Call Me Evil03:54[view lyrics]
12.Loud is God

Total playing time47:34


Abdullah - Graveyard Poetry (2002)

2.Black Helicopters06:19
3.A Dark But Shining Sun03:36
4.The Whimper of Whipped Dogs05:15
7.Beyond the Mountain04:49
9.Strange Benedictions07:14
10.Secret Teachings of Lost Ages04:06
11.Medicine Man04:37
12.Guided by the Spirit04:03
13.Behold a Pale Horse07:58
14.They, the Tyrants03:40
Total playing time01:04:45


The Lamp of Thoth - Portents, Omens & Dooms (2008)

1.I Love The Lamp06:43[view lyrics]
2.Witchcraft & The Law04:36[view lyrics]
3.Wings Of Doom06:40[view lyrics]
4.The House07:58[view lyrics]
5.Blood On Satan's Claw03:46[view lyrics]
6.Victorian Wizard10:37[view lyrics]
7.You Will Obey04:38[view lyrics]
8.Pagan Daze07:51[view lyrics]
9.Hand Of Glory07:49[view lyrics]
10.Satan's Hammer05:06[view lyrics]
Total playing time01:05:44


Dozer - Beyond Colossal (2008)

  1. "The Flood" - 3:51
  2. "Exoskeleton, Pt. II" - 6:34
  3. "Empire's End" - 3:55
  4. "The Ventriloquist" - 4:56
  5. "Grand Inquisitor" - 4:12
  6. "Message Through the Horses" - 3:01
  7. "The Throne" - 3:25
  8. "Fire for Crows" - 3:58
  9. "Two Coins for Eyes" - 6:51
  10. "Bound for Greatness" - 3:29