Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ballistic – Ballistic (2003)

1.Collision Course03:36[view lyrics]
2.Watch Me Do It04:47[view lyrics]
3.Corpse Stacked High03:17[view lyrics]
4.Threshold of Pain04:13[view lyrics]
5.Undefeated06:03[view lyrics]
6.The Dissection / Into the Sever Chamber04:17[view lyrics]
7.Gone Ballistic04:41[view lyrics]
8.Bloodbath!04:56[view lyrics]
9.Call to Armageddon03:51[view lyrics]
10.Silent Killer04:03[view lyrics]
11.Call Me Evil03:54[view lyrics]
12.Loud is God

Total playing time47:34


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