Thursday, March 12, 2009

Soilent Green - Inevitable Collapse In The Presence Of Conviction (2008)

1.Mental Acupuncture04:08[view lyrics]
2.Blessed In The Arms Of Servitude02:15[view lyrics]
3.In The Same Breath03:59[view lyrics]
4.Antioxidant04:10[view lyrics]
5.Lovesick04:01[view lyrics]
6.Rock Paper Scissors03:13[view lyrics]
7.Superstition Aimed At One's Skull04:00[view lyrics]
8.For Lack Of Perfect Words03:45[view lyrics]
9.When All Roads Lead To Rome03:39[view lyrics]
10.All This Good Intention Wasted In The Wake Of Apathy04:32[view lyrics]
11.A Pale Horse And The Story Of The End03:43[view lyrics]
Total playing time41:25



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