Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Blood Red Throne - Altered Genesis ( 2005)

1.Death To Birth02:41
2.Incarnadine Mangler03:44[view lyrics]
3.Tortured Soul Appearance04:52[view lyrics]
4.Eye-Licker04:02[view lyrics]
5.Mephitication04:38[view lyrics]
6.Arterial Lust04:56[view lyrics]
7.Flesh To Destroy03:47[view lyrics]
8.Ripsaw Resentment04:24[view lyrics]
9.Altered Genesis05:41[view lyrics]
10.Smite03:51[view lyrics]
11.State Of Darkness03:50[view lyrics]
12.Deliberate Carnage03:42[view lyrics]
Total playing time50:08


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